Friday, June 5, 2015

I don't think we really know what it takes to be a nice person. When we were kids,  we were taught to say please and thank you. Up until today, I never fail to say my Ps and Qs for those simple words could put a smile on a person’s face, even a stranger!

But when you’re 21, when you’re 21 and you went to a shit high school and you spent the past 7 years meeting people who failed to plaster that smile on your face, I guess it is logical for you to build a wall and have trust issues. I mean who do we blame? We were naïve and they made the wrong decisions. I don’t think anyone wishes to be bad. I think people make wrong decisions every day, but then again, who are we to decide what is right or wrong? I feel it is rather ignorant for us to decide, don’t you think so? It is ignorant for us to think that we are living the supposedly “right” life and anyone that goes out of the supposedly normal pattern of the world is considered “wrong”. Hey they’re adults too, love. I’m sure they can take care of themselves. And if they can’t, and if they fall, be that person that brings them up again.

I guess people tend to forget how it was to be nice. People forget that if you needed a hand, all you need to do is ask. And people forget that we are scared too, you shouldn’t think it’s just you. People forget that discussing about a friend’s being isn’t really out of concern but merely something to discuss. People forget that being honest helps and mind games don’t really work on us especially when we live in oblivion. I think people forget that pointing out a person’s flaws out of humour or rather anger is considered disrespectful. And you shouldn’t be mad at them, because they don’t know, they don’t realize the damage they have done that things like that would scar us for life.

People never seem to forget about scars though. Well, I don’t. People don’t realize that telling a 9 year old her hair was unflattering would result her into having her hair tied up still, 10 years later. People also don’t realize that people who stutter don’t choose to stutter, and sometimes they try really hard not to stutter, but words don’t happen to be their thing you know? And you honestly should be okay that some people aren’t as capable, as long as they’re trying. It’s ignorant isn’t it, how we assume we know a person’s life just by looking at them, looking at their photos, yet the real conversation is going on in the person’s mind, so please, before you decide, before you assume, before you say something, take a walk in their shoes and don’t let ignorance be the death of you.