Friday, June 5, 2015

What if the term selfish doesn’t exist? What if you could leave school, your job, your friends, your family, what if you could leave that comfortable queen sized bed, that white sheets, your couch, your tv, your incredible speakers, what if you could leave the blissful feeling of being alone from midnight to five in the morning where you lay on your couch, scrolling through Tumblr, searching for new music, what if you just leave everything, buy a one way ticket to somewhere you have always been curious about and to never return? What if the idea of being connected to your family is just something that has been programmed in our brain? What if you never really do connect with people and all this while you were just trained to think family is the one that will always know whats best for you, because it’s f-a-m-i-l-y. The word itself holds such a big responsibility, stops you from doing the most insane thing in the world, because you are about to lose something that is known to be significant in your life. What if the idea of something being significant differs from one person to another? What if I don’t think love is the highlight of my life? What if I wanted to move to Greece, what if I didn’t mind living in a small house, what if I wanted to sell vegetables in the morning just because I like watching the sun rise by the beach, what if I enjoyed the smell of the rain at 6 am and loved the little conversations you have with these people who bothered to wake up at this time of the day? What if I could spend the whole afternoon painting on canvases that never sell, what if I am allowed to die without having remotely anyone significant but still treat everyone with respect?

It’s amazing isn’t it that you could do all of this yet still there this little subconscious exist in your mind, telling you that you will always wonder if this is ever enough because it doesn’t go with what society believes is enough, because society believes that we all have the same kind of happiness. It’s interesting, isn’t it.